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About Us

VARIO is an online watch and accessories store that help you show off your personality. 

As we all know, there is no better statement of your sophistication than a smart looking wrist watch. However, sometimes the watch strap might fail to live up to your image that you have for yourself. My watch designing journey began when I couldn't find a watch strap that shouts out my personality, so being a designer that I am, I started a collection of graphic Nato straps and the stars started to align and thus VARIO was born. 

vario from singapore

We believe that quality watches with timeless designs can be exclusive and affordable too. Our watches and printed straps are proudly designed in Singapore and we work with the best manufacturing partners to bring the high calibre products to add something unique to your look. These small touches show you like putting effort into the little things, which can say a lot about you!

All of our watch models will be released one at a time with only one production run so they receive the attention they deserve. As such, your Vario timepiece will always be a limited edition piece and we will stand behind each and every one we make.  

We offer a corporate gifting service that enables you to express gratitude to staff and clients. Corporate reductions are available based on the volume of your order. Please get in touch with us at

Enjoy your time here at Vario, 
Ivan :)